corporate culture

Our Slogan: Let’s work together to build a century-long Ouhua

Our Vision: To be a brand distributor and a modern group of companies that integrates the functions of science and technology, industry, and trade in the chemical industry in China

Our Purpose: Integrity Management, Inclusive Development, People Orientation, Pursuit of Excellence

Our Values

Product excellence is grounded in moral standing Value is a result of service

“Product excellence is grounded in moral standing” is one of Ouhua’s values since its inception. Tao Dongchun, Chairman of Ouhua Holding Group, often enjoins on the staff that it is always necessary to follow the value, regardless of conducting oneself or doing business. Only with moral standing can we ensure to make excellence in work possible with diligence, to make innovation while working hard, to provide innovative quality products, and to live up to the expectations of our customers. The value is a bearing on the state of life, and it is also a simple attitude enterprise development depends on. This is true of both conducting oneself and doing business.
“Value is a result of service” is a new concept put forward by Ouhua in recent years in response to market changes and customer demands. Mr. Tao Dongchun has repeatedly stressed on different occasions that after the product is produced, realizing its own value represents the first competitive process, followed by pre-sale, sale and after-sales service, a competitive process which is more attractive to customers and more able to win over them, especially after-sales service. For this reason, Ouhua actively advocate the concept of good service. It is in a turbulent world that a hero distinguishes himself. Ouhua’s growth over the years would not have been possible without the company’s service. At Ouhua, we will, as always, launch various service activities, enhance our service consciousness, make improvement in the service mode, and elevate service quality, so as to really make our customers 100% satisfied.

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