​n-Butyl acetate

CAS: 123-86-4

Chemical formula: C6H12O2

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Product description

N-butyl acetate (butyl acetate)

Butyl acetate(n-Butyl acetate)

Structural formula: CH3COOC4H9

Product appearance: Colorless liquid, fruity flavor.

The boiling point (101.3kPa) is 126.114℃, the melting point is -73.5℃, the relative density (20℃/4℃) is 0.8807, the ignition point is 421℃. Flash point (closed mouth) 27℃; Explosion limit (lower limit) 1.4% (vol), (upper limit) 8.0% (vol). Performance specifications: GB 3729-83

1, coating industry: widely used in polyurethane paint, acrylic resin paint, nitro paint, vinyl peroxide paint and other thinners.

2, the production of fluorescent lamp: in the production of fluorescent light powder adhesive solvent.

3, knitted fabric foam artificial leather (finishing agent) : in the finishing agent as solvent.

4, pharmaceutical industry: in the pharmaceutical industry can be used as the production of erythromycin organic solvent.

5, can also be used as camphor, mineral oil, grease, synthetic resin, natural and synthetic rubber, photographic film, spices and other good solvent.

Sec-butyl acetate: Also known as sec-butyl acetate, is an organic compound, chemical formula C6H12O2, mainly used as paint solvent, diluent, various vegetable oil and resin solvents, can also be used in the manufacture of plastics and spices, but also can be used as gasoline antiknock agent.

Density: 0.872g/cm3 Melting point: -99℃ Boiling point: 111-112℃

Flash point: 31℃ (OC) Refractive index: 1.389 (20℃)

Saturated vapor pressure: 1.33kPa (20℃) Critical temperature: 288℃

Critical pressure: 3.24MPa ignition temperature: 421℃

Upper explosive limit (V/V) : 9.8% Lower explosive limit (V/V) : 1.7%

Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid

Solubility: insoluble in water, can be miscible in ethanol, ether and other most organic solvents

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