CAS: 108-94-1;9075-99-4;11119-77-0

Chemical formula: C6H10O

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Product description

Cyclohexanone, is an organic compound, the chemical formula is C6H10O, carbonyl carbon atoms included in the six membered ring saturated cycloketone. Colorless transparent liquid, with an earthy smell, containing traces of phenol, with a mint smell. Impurity is light yellow, with storage time generated impurities and color, water white to gray yellow, with a strong pungent smell.

Density: 0.947g/cm3 Melting point: -47℃

Boiling point: 155℃ Flash point: 44℃ (CC) Refractive index: 1.450 (20℃)

Saturated vapor pressure: 0.5kPa (20℃) Critical temperature: 356℃

Critical pressure: 3.8MPa Ignition temperature: 420℃

Upper explosive limit (V/V) : 9.4% Lower explosive limit (V/V) : 1.1%

Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid

Solubility: slightly soluble in water, miscible soluble in alcohol, ether, benzene, acetone and other most organic solvents

Cyclohexanone is an important chemical raw material, which is the main intermediate in the manufacture of nylon, caprolactam and adipic acid. It is also an important industrial solvent, such as for paints, especially for those containing nitrocellulose, vinyl chloride polymer and its copolymer or methacrylate polymer paints. Excellent solvent for organophosphorus insecticides and many similar pesticides, used as a solvent for dyes.

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