Propylene glycol methyl ether acetate

CAS: 84540-57-8;108-65-6

Chemical formula: C6H12O3

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Product description

Product name: Propylene glycol 

Synonyms: 1,2-Propylene glycol; 1,2-dihydroxypropane;1,2-propanediol;methyl glycol;trimethyl glycol; propane-1,2-diol; PG; Propylenglykol(German);Propylène glycol(French);Propilenglicol(Spanish);Propileno glicol(Portuguese);Пропиленгликоль(Russian);البروبيلين غليكول;プロピレングリコール;프로필렌 글리콜

CAS Number: 57-55-6

Product description:

Propylene glycol is an organic compound (a diol alcohol), usually a tasteless and colorless clear oily liquid that is hygroscopic and miscible with water, acetone, and chloroform.The tech grade propylene glycol has a slight odor.

Grade: Tech grade

HS Code(Tariff code):29053200

Trade terms: FOB,CFR,CIF,FCA,CPT

Supply ability: 2000MT/month

Specification USP grade:

Appearance:Colorless,Viscous,transparent liquid

PG content,m/m,%:99.90% min

Moisture,m/m,%:0.20% max

Specific Gravity And Density (20℃),g/cm³:1.035-1.038 

Index of refraction:1.428-1.435

Acidity (As Acetic Acid),% :0.02 max

Distillation range(IBP-DP): 183-190 

Colourity(Pt-Co):10 max:7 max

Chloride as Cl Sulfate:60 max

Iron:0.5 max 

Heavy Metals as Pb:5 max

Specification tech grade:

Appearance:Colorless transparent liquid

Content: 99.50%min 


Color(APHA): 5 max 


About 45% of propylene glycol produced is used as a chemical feedstock for the production of unsaturated polyester resins.Propylene glycol is widely used as a solvent and in drug manufacturing and a carrier in drug formulations. It is a common ingredient in cosmetic, personal, and skin care products. Propylene glycol is also used in various edible items such as coffee-based drinks, liquid sweeteners, ice cream, whipped dairy products and soda. It is also used in antifreeze.

Toxicity and Handling:

Detailed information is available upon request.

*Handle as an industrial chemical, wearing protective equipment and observing the precautions described in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).*


It is not dangerous chemical. Transport of the goods should be subject to local government regulations.

Packaging and Storage:

Store in steel drums, 215 kg net/steel drum. Store in shady and cool, clean, aeration place, The storage must obey relative rules of dangerous cargo delivery on railway, road by country laws.

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