Human Resources

Ouhua holding Group welcomes you to join us.

We firmly believe that talents are the resources of enterprises and the foundation of their development.
We believe that everyone is a talent and pays attention to the present, development and future of every employee. The success of the company is the success of the employees.
We try our best to do what we can: people are in the right place, so that everyone's intelligence has room and stage to give full play to.
We advocate: the motherland and the company; the career and the family; the individual and the collective; competition and unity; pragmatism and innovation; criticism and self-criticism.
We always ask ourselves: people-oriented, unlimited innovation.
We not only retain people through treatment, but also prefer to retain people through our cause and feelings.

Sales Assistant
Recruitment information
  • Number of recruits:2

  • salary: 3千-5千

  • Deadline:2023-12-26


1. Cooperate with the customer manager to regularly track and follow-up customer information, organize customer information, conduct telephone follow-up on key customers, and assist in maintaining customer relationships;

2. Cooperate with the customer manager to carry out relevant media implementation work in the early stage, and follow up on customer reminders, closing reports, etc. in the later stage;

3. Cooperate with the customer manager to plan and execute key projects oriented towards personalized customer needs, and provide external incentives for scheme quality, visual effects, resource integration, creativity, etc., with a certain degree of market competitiveness;

4. Organize relevant data and reports from statistical departments;

5. Ability to independently expand new customers;

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